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Samsung makes great phones that test almost every box of what you want on any device: a clean, bright screen. Great camera. Strong battery life. But it’s been many years since all the individual parts came together in such a way that I sit back and say, “Wow”. The Galaxy Note 10 Plus does so in a way that Samsung phones have since removed the tragic Galaxy Note 7.

It’s not just a phone that has it all – it’s a phone that I want to use authentically. Note 10 Plus is Samsung’s best phone in the whole package and the best time of the year.

It’s interesting to see the prismatic aura glow color I’ve tested, the features are almost everyone’s best lineage, and Samsung has even worked to close the gap between camera-centric rivals like the Huawei P30 Pro and Google Pixel. The Note 10 Plus also fixes two of my biggest complaints about the Spring Galaxy S10 Plus (which is still a great phone): the screen’s fingerprint reader is now almost dramatically more accurate, and the camera’s dedicated night mode improves image quality with less light.

Even the biggest flaws of the Note 10 Plus are easy enough to swallow. There are no headphone jacks (Samsung was one of the latest major holdouts). You need to learn how to use the power button to turn off the phone and take screenshots. The depth-sensitive camera doesn’t do too much. And it’s expensive – the 5G version starts at 1, 1,100 (£ 999, AU $ 1,699) and costs $ 1,300 (£ 1,099 or AU $ 1,999).

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Style:Note 10+  |  Size:256GB  |  Color:Aura Silver


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